Medical Yoga for Sleep Enhancement

Positive Health Solutions and Keswick Sleep Institute are working together to offer powerful, effective, dynamic workshops and individual consults designed to help individuals reach their goal of a deeper and more restful sleep. Sleep problems have become a national health epidemic in the United States and individuals of all ages are affected by the inability to sleep and rest well.

Learn how to enhance sleep, reduce stress, and impact on insomnia, apnea and other sleep disorders.

We will provide individual consultations or set up customized workshops for you or your specialized clientele. In our workshops we offer the latest sleep research information as well as powerful and proven techniques for enhancing sleep, rest, and renewal.

We will set up customized sleep workshops for Military Personnel, Firefighters, Police, Corporate Executives, Air Traffic Controllers or any other population that is struggling with sleep problems.

Contact us. We will create a specialized workshop or individual consult for your unique needs.

Healthy Sleep