Medical/Cardiac Yoga for Patients

Medical Yoga for Sleep Enhancement
Medical / Cardiac Yoga for Patients
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Are you challenged by a medical problem?  If so, you now have some powerful options available for helping you to heal and recover your health.  Research studies have shown that a yoga-based program can significantly impact on your health and wellbeing.  Patients who have practiced Medical and Cardiac Yoga have been able to reverse and prevent coronary heart disease, reduce high blood pressure, and impact on prostate cancer, diabetes, scoliosis, insomnia and many other medical problems.

The Medical / Cardiac Yoga retreat programs are held in a relaxing and healing environment where participants learn gentle and modified yoga postures, deep relaxation, stretching, breathing, guided imagery, stress reduction and healthy diet tips.  The Medical Yoga program is designed to provide participants with powerful strategies and techniques for healing and recovering from health problems.  

The Medical /Cardiac Yoga Program:

  • Provides powerful strategies and techniques for assistance in healing
  • Embraces the integration of body, mind, and spirit.
  • Complements your existing treatment plan or Cardiac Rehab program.
  • Has been recommended by physicians, surgeons, and cardiologists alike for improving health.
  • Has been thoroughly reviewed by physicians for compatibility with traditional medical care.

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Medical Yoga Program Workshop Dates:


On-going Cardiac Yoga Class & Support Group

For information: 434-296-7100 or email at:

Contact us if you would like to sponsor a lecture, retreat or workshop in your area. We also speak at professional conferences. 

Here’s a sampling of some of our more popular seminars and workshops.

  • The Healing Practice of Medical Yoga
  • Reverse & Prevent Coronary Heart Disease
  • Managing Family Stress During a Health Problem
  • How to Cope with Loss, Grief and Depression
  • The Power of Mind Body Medicine for Healing
  • Reconnecting with Your Spirituality
  • Guided Imagery as a Powerful Healing Tool
  • Using your Intuition for Aid in Healing

“We have successfully implemented cardiac yoga classes using our current rehab personnel who went through your teacher training program.  I compliment you on your achievement with this program and fully support its widespread implementation.

I found the experience so personally beneficial that I try to do yoga and a brief meditation everyday before work.  So I not only recommend your program to facilitate teaching patients these positive lifestyle changes, but also for the healthcare workers with their daily stress loads.”

—H. Lee Kanter, M.D., Cardiologist, Sentara Northfolk Hospital