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These CD’s are a beautiful selection of calming and inspiring music and instruction for helping you feel deeply relaxed, calm and in harmony with your environment.

Before and After Surgery CD

This CD is designed to be used before, during and after surgery. The techniques on this CD will help you in relaxing and preparing for your procedure and in healing after surgery. The powerful healing techniques on this CD of guided imagery, positive thinking, and relaxation strategies can be used to help you in healing any medical condition regardless of whether you have had surgery or not.

$18.95 plus S & H

Healing Journey CD

This CD is designed to assist you in deep relaxation and healing. You can use this CD for help in falling asleep, for reducing stress, and for assistance in enhancing and promoting health.

$18.95 plus S & H

Instructional CD’s:

Developing Your Intuition

This beautiful CD is a masterpiece of clear and easy instructions on how to develop your intuition for use in everyday life.

$18.95 plus S & H

Eight Powerful Strategies for Managing Life

On this CD Dr. Cunningham provides the listener with eight powerful strategies for managing challenges and life stress. These tools and techniques are invaluable aids for learning to stay calm and centered in the whirlwind of everyday life.

$14.00 plus S & H


Cardiac Yoga Teacher Training Manual

The Cardiac Yoga Teacher Training manual is designed for individuals and teachers who would like to learn more about mind-body interventions for people with heart disease. This manual provides comprehensive instructions and pictures on how to do a modified yoga practice for heart patients. The manual can be used by medical personnel, yoga instructors, and heart patients.

$40.00 plus S & H

Medical Yoga Book

The Medical Yoga Book is designed for individuals who would like to practice a gentle and modified form of yoga. Individuals who have an acute or chronic medical condition, are elderly, have limited mobility, or would like to practice a gentle and modified form of yoga will find the medical yoga system safe, empowering and helpful in optimizing health and healing.

$25.00 plus S & H

Medical Yoga DVD – Coming soon!